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Britnett Carver - your office PC can control your website

Carver is a Content Management System that gives you full control to simply update and amend text and images on your website. It can be changed by you in-house following the basic training which is included in the price.

Carver is a communication tool used by over 1,500 Britnett clients in the UK. Carver combines the simplicity of your office PC with the power and impact of the Internet creating a fully interactive living and breathing company website. Carver is a fast, reliable, cost-effective delivery mechanism which can be easily integrated into any marketing campaigns or initiatives. Carver can work as a standalone system, as a fully independent website or published alongside your original website where the two can be linked together.

Carver is a complete ecommerce website system with an ecommerce shopping card facility.

Up to 30 main content pages! For example:

Home Page - This is the first page a visitor will see, it summarises site content and purpose.

Contact Page - with e-mail contact form.

Search - this is an excellent function that will search through all of the content within your product pages. This makes it easier for your customers to find the products they are looking for, quickly.

About Us Page - add that personal touch by including a brief company history, profile or background information.

FAQ's - frequently asked questions

Price Lists - list your latest price and product information.

All page names can easily edited, deleted or removed.

Up to 100 product pages - created and editable by you. Quick and simple to create, delete and update product content at will.

Product Listings Page - which can be split up into 20 individual categories.

All of the above can be controlled using your office PC. No technical knowledge is required - click here to see a demo of how easy and flexible our Content Management System is. Britnett-Carver. 


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